Here on these pages you will find a bit more about my current teaching.

And, what you may expect as a student in my one of my classes.

As of mid-March 2020, I am offering the following:

YOGA GROUP CLASSES online via Zoom platform, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please drop me an email @erinielliott7@gmail.com for the link to join. (Donation-based class. $10-$20)

PRIVATE SESSIONS online via Zoom. One of my delights is offering customized one-on-one sessions. Customized programs on a schedule that works for you! Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are available for a short series or on an ongoing basis. This is a great way to establish a yoga practice that is customized for your needs.

Why practice yoga with me?

The yoga that I teach is truly crafted for anyone and everyone. Especially for those who want to experience more ease in their bodies, to stretch as well as cultivate some balance and calm. My classes focus on simple, easily accessed poses that can be done by any age group or skill level.

The word “Yoga”, in Sanskrit (the ancient Pali language in which yoga was created), roughly translates to “yoke”. To me this is a centerpiece to the understand and deeply appreciate the tremendous healing powers of yoga.

There is a deep connection of linking BREATH with MOVEMENT, as well as linking one’s MIND with SENSATIONS in the body.

To learn more, I encourage you to check out this five minute documentary-style video featured on this page. Enjoy!