About Erin

  • With some students. Enjoying the yoga “glow” 🙂

Hello, and WELCOME!

Here’s a brief summary about my style of teaching and a few other details about me.


(Also see the tab “What are the Classes Like?”)

My classes are small and personalized and purposely very supportive and nurturing. I also offer private sessions, ongoing or as-needed ,for individuals who want to dive a little deeper.

Two overarching priorities are woven into each class. The first is focusing on moving safely and helping students learn how to do manage this for themselves. The  next layer of focus is on cultivating purposeful, simple breath practices, while  integrating foundational yoga “shapes” also known as poses.

My students vary from pure beginners, those returning to a regular practice, as well as more advanced students.  I also work with students healing from injuries or surgery.

I have a regular class schedule, as well as have openings for occasional or ongoing private sessions.

I love to host off-site classes for families, special occasions or couples. “Men Only” workshops too!

200 hour certified Yoga Instructor, by Yoga Alliance. 200 hour advanced training in “InnerYoga©, a restorative and contemplative-style of yoga, integrated with Yin Yoga postures.


Being a caring and nurturing wife, mother, sister, friend and community volunteer brings me great joy.  I am also passionate about singing in The Threshold Choir, an all-volunteer group of singers that brings beautiful A Capella harmonies to the bedsides of those in the final stages of life.  (to learn more about The Threshold Choir see their website http://www.thresholdchoir.org)

I am also an active member in two other non-profit organizations,  The Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, CA and Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon, CA.

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