Yoga as a path to peace

Dear Yogis,

 I am about to go on a big trip.

On Mothers Day I head out on a ten day adventure through Bali, meeting up with my 21 yr daughter who has been studying in Indonesia this semester.  I’m looking forward to her “showing me around” 🙂

As I get ready for this trip, I thought I would share a bit about my current perspectives on my personal yoga journey.

For me, I have begun to identify my yoga practice as simply my  “path to peace”.
The “pranayama”(breath practices), and the mindful transitions between the asanas (poses), as well as the poses themselves, are all stepping stones on my personal path.
This of course applies to my experience on my yoga mat and also out in my world.
The  path gets a little uneven at times. Sometimes I feel very unsteady and unsure of where I am going.
Looking ahead to Sunday, I am feeling a little anxious about the big overnight flight, and a completely new culture to navigate.
The article I am sharing below has familiar themes that I share in class. But these basic tenants bear repeating.  Especially when we are facing new challenges and obstacles in our path.
By coming back to the breath, embracing what “is” true in the moment, doing our best, and finally-letting go of the outcome– we can face new experiences along the path with an open yet confident heart.
Blessings to you on YOUR path.
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