Clouds in a Windy Sky

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Hello yogis,

It’s a beautiful breezy October afternoon  in Marin County.

Yes of course the weather is terrific, but I have made a little shift in my approach to my days that has been quite illuminating, making this day and many of my most recent days quite extraordinary.

I have started to notice the power of the “micro-moment”.

You have likely heard of Mindfulness, the practice of “active focused attention to the present moment”.

Well, I am beginning to harness the power of observation of these tiny moments throughout my days, with some pretty interesting findings.

The first step in my “micro-moment” exercise has been to become a keen observer of my life.

I notice that it is much easier to be kind, gentle and engaged with the joy and purpose in my life when I have had a good night’s sleep, a well-paced day of work and healthy personal interactions, energizing exercise and healthy food choices. Oh and dose of laughter and fun too.

There are also plenty of days where I feel unsure, overcommitted, unprepared, anxious and downright sad.  Not exercising enough, not having meaningful interactions. Being too generous with others and too stingy with myself.  Eating food that isn’t very nourishing. On those days I feel a bit adrift and certainly not very clear about much in my life.

Using the micro moment “filter” I have come to realize that life is simply a series of moments. And within those moments are cycles of feelings.

The daily dedication then becomes all about softening the intensity of how I feel about these moments, especially on those days that aren’t flowing very well.  I first start with a deep compassionate place within myself.  And then I  simply accept that these days are made up of a series of moments. These moments contain a range of feelings, that arise–and subside.

Just like the clouds in a windy sky.

Ah, and remembering always the sacred power of my breath to calm and soothe me through these moments.  That is what I am noticing right now.


With the cooler and shorter days, we will move back into my indoor studio starting in NOVEMBER.

Yin and Yang Flow CLASSES

TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.  9:15am-10:30am.

PLEASE NOTE the first class in November will be on November 12.

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