I am enough.



I just taped this quote to my refrigerator for holiday inspiration, as I make my holiday lists.

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I am very purposely doing less this year.

What does that look like for me and what is on my holiday list?

Fewer gifts-more hugs.

Fewer words-Words often can be misconstrued. And I find myself repeating myself so often these days (!!) Sometimes silence is well—golden. I am also into more and longer hugs! (see PS below)

Fewer parties-more love notes and sending funny photos to loved ones.

Fewer complicated recipes-a bowl of soup and a hearty salad is enough.

Time-it’s our most precious resource.  My commitment to doing less means giving time back to myself.

For walks amongst the Redwoods, a new poetry book by the fire, a phone chat with an old long-distance friend.

Donating the gift of my time to a local charity to make holiday cards for the elderly.  An early morning meditation practice.

What might this list look like for you?

Oh and what about yoga? I will also practice lots of yoga.

I have found that attending yoga class actually “stretches out” time for me.  It feels luxurious.

My dedicated practice allows me to slow down and connect to the reality of the present moment (which truly feels like the best kind of present I can give myself!)

I invite you to gift yourself some time on your yoga mat here with me over the next three weeks.

December Schedule 

(thru THURS, 12/17):

Tuesdays and Thursdays-9:15-10:30am


What are my classes all about? 

I provide a cozy, light-filled space here at my home studio.

Deep, slow flow yoga.  All levels welcome.

And—because of my classes are small—-I offer personalized attention to support your practice.

Please drop me an email note or text message if you plan to join us.  415-601-1037

Happy Holidays!

PS-see below re: the scientifically researched benefits of a  “long hug” 🙂

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