We all fall down

Remember the “Ring around the Rosy” game from kindergarten or pre-school?

I sure do.

And I remember not really enjoying the falling down part.

Many of my classmates would laugh and fall and enjoy being silly.  I think I figured out very early on that I wasn’t naturally very silly. At least that is what I told myself.

I DID know that I wanted to keep the big “ring of friends” spinning around. Giggling with our hands tightly clasped.  No matter what.  What was I really thinking? Maybe if we keep holding hands and keep spinning then we can go on like this forever?

Well we all know that’s not the way it goes.  And I am learning now squarely in my middle years, tumbling down is a part of life.  And that is ok. In fact, it is more than ok.

In the Fall you are probably like me and get that familiar “back to school” feeling, right?  My distinct memories are of crisp lined notebooks, a few new clothes from the Mall, and maybe a new friend?

For me, this month it’s all about letting go of some attitudes and feelings about the way I am in the world.   I am actually allowing things to fall apart; fall away.

And I’m discovering that it’s not hard at all.  In fact, it feels like freedom.  It feels like a sweet kind of attentiveness towards myself that I am very ready to embrace.

And maybe –just maybe– I will uncover that sillier side of me too.

Welcome to Fall!




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