Christmas Eve is 10 days away. The fullness of the holiday season has descended upon us.

My church offers an annual Advent community-wide activity which provides a lovely activity that invites reconnection to the meaning of the Season. This year, the activity involves a “daily word” theme. Today’s word is “GATHER”. Excerpted below is the social media post about this word as it relates to Advent.

“Whenever I look at a nativity scene, I am always aware of how many disparate creatures gathered together to celebrate the baby Jesus. Where else would one find new parents, a little baby, barn animals, shepherds, and angels gathered in the same place? Not to mention the Magi, who arrived later with fancy gifts. What an interesting assortment of God’s creation!”

Coincidentally, earlier today I had assembled a mish-mash of two different creche scenes displayed on a bookshelf at my home. Some parts were drawn from a collection from my husband’s youth. And others were from a more modern one that’s been part of our family for many years. I love that it is quite the array of colors, textures and materials. And it feels just right.

May we each take time to pause during this season of gathering and celebrating to take stock of our unique and individual contributions to a much more beautiful whole. When we tap into these gifts and offer them up to others, we create undeniable synergistic magic!

Wishing you a Season full of peace, joy and wonder.

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