The Ebb and Flow

Hello, lovely humans, 

How are you?  I mean, what I really want to know is, how is your heart?  Right now is a VERY big “feeling time” for so many.  

For me, when I allow my feelings-especially ones I’d rather push them away- to just hang out for a bit, there is an arch to them. Meaning, the intensity is pretty big at first, and then this intensity ebbs.  And I do notice that this is true for feelings of both sadness and elation.  It’s a very comforting reminder that everything rises and recedes. Like the waves, and when I tune in, it’s just like my breath.  It’s an important reminder that there is a natural ebb and flow to to everything.  Can you feel that too? Remembering that helps the feelings feel a bit less intense.

Another way I manage more difficult emotions is to focus on the smallest beautiful things that are right in front of me. My loved one’s smile.  The bubbles and swirls and warmth of my first cup of morning coffee. Studying the texture of the redwood tree out my window. They all help me shift my perspective-with a deep sigh- to the warmth of gratitude for these little life-affirming aspects of my life.  

This shift helps me then expand my vision of gratitude not only for these small gifts, but the larger sense of gratitude for my “circles of support”

And technology. Yes, I am extremely grateful for the Zoom conferencing platform! Who would have ever thought that we all would be regularly conversing with friends, co-workers and family for both learning and loving a year ago?   We can see and be with one another even when we can’t be together. It actually feels like a modern miracle.

I have been teaching yoga via the Zoom platform since mid-March.  A  year ago would you even considered the wide range of learning options via a video platform? It’s certainly different, and I believe that we’ve adapted quite well. I feel great about staying connected to students in this way. And always so delighted to have many of you showing up for yourselves on a regular basis. 

Yes, showing up. Especially while we continue to limit our social activities. I believe that the way I have adapted the classes allows students to have a surprisingly rewarding experience.  If you haven’t joined the weekly Monday class, I believe I have some tips and tricks to making your sessions work well for you, too. Have you been curious about yoga via Zoom and want to know more? If so, please let me hear from you.

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