Opening Back Up


It feels important to write something, well, um, “important” right now. And I am honestly having trouble finding the right few words to meet this moment.

Can you relate? It’s exciting to be outdoors without masks. And experiencing little things for the first time that we took for granted 15 months ago. Like hugs from loved ones, and seeing smiles of neighbors out and about. And yet, uncertainty remains around the edges of daily life and the imprint of what we just collectively went through lingers. This period of re-emerging feels like totally new ground.

Pastor Rob, known for his wry wit, introduced his sermon last week by saying “wow-normal has never felt so exciting!” And yes, it’s true. I do love how wonderful it feels to walk out the door and enjoy the feeling of an “umasked life”. However, I know that I am going to take some time to think about what and how I add back into my daily life. For example, I have learned to relish and appreciate how enriching a daily contemplative practice is for me. I’m not likely to give that up as I unfold into my “new post-pandemic life”. I hope you too will take time to add back into your life what makes your heart sing and what you truly value.

IN PERSON weekly YOGA CLASS BEGINS this Monday, June 7th at 9:30AM Won’t you join us?

See my website for details. (Please note that proof of vaccination required for your first class)

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