About Erin

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview that will give you a bit better sense of my approach, and what I offer in our yoga class sessions.

Q: I have heard yoga called a “yoga practice”. Why is that?

ERIN: At the core of yoga, which I believe is an endeavor to feel better and know oneself, we realize that if we take a snapshot of where we are now-at this moment-and it may be different in the very next moment. Such is the nature of life. It is also called the “state of impermanence”.

So when we engage with the yoga practice, we just need to show up and do our best. Which is hard because we naturally judge ourselves. We judge how well we do a pose or how our body is feeling or admonish ourselves for any number of reasons. If we endeavor to simply do our best, and just be with how this feels and to lessen the grip on our incessant although not surprising judgement, we can completely embrace the experience. And be with simply whatever is happening. It’s not easy. It takes practice. In fact, this IS the practice and where our growth lies. 

I invite you to join us-whether you have a yoga mat or not-wherever you are right now.  My classes are truly for EVERY BODY. 

Q: Why do you think everyone would benefit from having yoga in their lives?

ERIN: Most people are motivated to explore yoga-like I did- because they want to “feel better”. This can take predictable forms like improved tone, increased strength and flexibility. So yes, the classes I offer do offer up this type of “challenge and feeling good in your muscles”. Yet, I’m convinced-whether we realize it or not -there is something more about why students return time and again to their mats. Something that calls us, beyond the physical experience. For you, the calling may seem a bit like whisper rather than a true “calling”. 🙂 The calling may be to become softer, stronger, more flexible and resilient not only in your body but also in your mind or perhaps your emotions. Put simply, there is often a palpable curiosity to know ourselves more deeply.  And I humbly endeavor to offer this opportunity to explore and grow in these aspects as well.

Q: You seem to like to work with yoga “first-timers”. Tell me about your first experience with yoga. Did it help inform why you teach yoga? 

ERIN: I attended my first yoga class 30 years ago. On a sunny afternoon in a dark, linoleum-floored church basement. I was very pregnant-our first child was arriving in a few weeks-and we lived in a city that mostly didn’t feel like home.  Feeling uncomfortable in my oversized body and a bit clumsy. And a little lonely. All in my very advanced pregnant state. What I desired was to feel better in my body and feel a little less anxious. And I heard that yoga might help.I remember three distinct aspects of that class. (Did I take more than one? I don’t remember!)

  1. The decidedly soft and muscularly untoned middle-aged teacher was very warm and and welcoming.  
  2. The positions were not complicated.
  3. The teacher seamlessly blended a soothing rhythmic breath with these simple yet challenging yoga poses.

So yes, I remember that the breath engaged my attention and helped me become more aware of my body. I connected to the rhythmic “heartbeat” style of breath, confident it would settle and relax me during my upcoming labor and delivery experience. 

Q: What makes your yoga classes a bit unique?

  1. I use FAMILIAR LANGUAGE and CLEAR INSTRUCTION . It makes it easy to settle into class and follow the flow format.
  2. I always check in with my students in advance of their first class to understand their physical limitations and hear more about them and their motivations in the class.
  3. My classes are intentionally LIGHTHEARTED, to make it playful and fun.
  4. The classes are often a SLOWER PACE than most. It is both easier and in being slower, provides it’s own type of challenge since we are all use to moving quite quickly in our days.
  5. My classes are crafted with INCLUSIVENESS and APPROACHABILITY, in mind, presenting the poses in a way so my students can feel a certain mastery even after the first class. A sense of “Hey, yes I can do this!”

To me this is a respectful interpretation of the origins and traditions of yoga, which to me are kindness, compassion and connectedness to ones self and community.  In this way I feel the classes are an “invitation towards a certain “inner healing”. 


-200 Hr YOGA TEACHER, registered in good standing with Yoga Alliance

-Registered Meditation Teacher, Level 1, Anchor Meditation, March 2020


Being a caring and nurturing wife, mother, sister, friend and community volunteer brings me great joy.  I am also passionate about singing in The Threshold Choir, an all-volunteer group of singers that brings beautiful, A Capella comfort through harmonic bedside singing to those in the final stages of life.  (to learn more about The Threshold Choir see their website http://www.thresholdchoir.org)

I am also an active member in two other non-profit organizations,  The Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, CA and Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon, CA.