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Opening Back Up

Greetings! It feels important to write something, well, um, “important” right now. And I am honestly having trouble finding the right few words to meet this moment. Can you relate? It’s exciting to be outdoors without masks. And experiencing little things for the first… Continue Reading “Opening Back Up”

The Ebb and Flow

Hello, lovely humans,  How are you?  I mean, what I really want to know is, how is your heart?  Right now is a VERY big “feeling time” for so many.   For me, when I allow my feelings-especially ones I’d rather push them away-… Continue Reading “The Ebb and Flow”


Christmas Eve is 10 days away. The fullness of the holiday season has descended upon us. My church offers an annual Advent community-wide activity which provides a lovely activity that invites reconnection to the meaning of the Season. This year, the activity involves a… Continue Reading “Gather”

Just Breathe

“Hey, just take a breath.”  No doubt you have encountered this comment from a well-intentioned friend or family member. Or perhaps you have uttered this to someone yourself? Either way, no doubt this comment doesn’t often elicit the desired response. But what if it… Continue Reading “Just Breathe”

Yoga as a form of Connection

Yoga is a Sanskrit word  that means “to yoke”. In this translation it means “to unite or join”. To me, this is a reference to our ever-existing connection with the creative God or Life Force within us. Yoga as a practice is about making… Continue Reading “Yoga as a form of Connection”

The Gift of Giving

A couple of weeks ago I knew I wanted to acknowledge Valentines Day in a personalized way to some special people in my life.  It was tempting to pick up some clever and sweet store-bought cards, which is my habit, yet I was compelled… Continue Reading “The Gift of Giving”

Gentle is the new Strong

Hello, For many of us this is truly a time of feeling battered and bewildered.  There are substantial reasons to feel this way.  And yet these times suggest that cultivating a capacity for loving kindness and tenderness towards these struggles is the right antidote… Continue Reading “Gentle is the new Strong”

“Yoga for Every Body”

This past Spring a rare opportunity was presented to me to collaborate on a brief documentary-style film with Michael Fearon of Tidefall Studio. ( Michael wanted to tell the unique story about  my inaugural community yoga class series that was growing rather quickly.  The… Continue Reading ““Yoga for Every Body””

P.A.U.S.E and Flow Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop

via P.A.U.S.E and Flow Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop

Yoga and Mindfulness. Set aside time to come home to yourself this summer.

Hello and happy Summer. I am thrilled to co-host a day-long yoga and mindfulness workshop to tune in, tune up and have some fun with my vibrant and wise friend Kim Fuller in a couple of weeks. Hop on over to the link below… Continue Reading “Yoga and Mindfulness. Set aside time to come home to yourself this summer.”