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We all fall down

Remember the “Ring around the Rosy” game from kindergarten or pre-school? I sure do. And I remember not really enjoying the falling down part. Many of my classmates would laugh and fall and enjoy being silly.  I think I figured out very early on… Continue Reading “We all fall down”

Yoga is everywhere. And yet…

Dear yogis, Hello there, it’s been awhile since I have reached out.  I am grateful for the opportunity to periodically connect with you, sharing some “yoga news and observations”. As you have likely noticed, the practice of Yoga–in its many forms and “flavors”– has… Continue Reading “Yoga is everywhere. And yet…”

I am enough.

    I just taped this quote to my refrigerator for holiday inspiration, as I make my holiday lists. I am very purposely doing less this year. What does that look like for me and what is on my holiday list? Fewer gifts-more hugs.… Continue Reading “I am enough.”

Clouds in a Windy Sky

Hello yogis, It’s a beautiful breezy October afternoon  in Marin County. Yes of course the weather is terrific, but I have made a little shift in my approach to my days that has been quite illuminating, making this day and many of my most… Continue Reading “Clouds in a Windy Sky”

Yoga as a path to peace

Dear Yogis,  I am about to go on a big trip. On Mothers Day I head out on a ten day adventure through Bali, meeting up with my 21 yr daughter who has been studying in Indonesia this semester.  I’m looking forward to her… Continue Reading “Yoga as a path to peace”

Spring is in the air—changes to Erin Elliott Yoga class schedule

Hello yogis Most of you are here in Marin County, where the jasmine and wisteria are sharing their fleeting bouquet of beauty and fragrance.  Each week it seems that nature unwraps a newly emerged “delight” for us, ready to be free of its winter… Continue Reading “Spring is in the air—changes to Erin Elliott Yoga class schedule”

Just Breathe

How do you feel when someone says “Just breathe”?  Grateful? A bit annoyed? Or perhaps relieved to receive a reminder?  We all know that taking deep breaths can help create more calm.  But have you actually tried it?   There are a myriad of… Continue Reading “Just Breathe”