Student Comments

My first yoga class with Erin was surprisingly comfortable. She coaxes and coaches us to healthful stretches without the pretzel contortions that I had feared. I especially appreciate that Erin inspires us to stretch spiritually as well as physically.With calm wise words, she urges us to embrace kindness, forgiveness and peace. Her entire class is a healing experience. -Sandra M.

“Erin manages to beautifully, and seemingly effortlessly, combine in her classes a physically and spiritually restorative practice.  The magic is in her attentive, practical, warm and hands-on style, her accessible, apt and spot-on guidance, her calming and melodious teaching voice (whether summoning us back to the breath, providing instruction or reading a poem) and her attention to the physical spaces in which she teaches.”-Shelley Chesley, MD

“I always learn something in your class and love the breathing part.”-Nancy B.  (Long time student)

“It is so special to practice with you.  Your body, spirit and eyes are so clear and strong.  Thank you for sharing them with me”-Elizabeth.

“I have been fortunate enough to practice yoga with Erin for some time now and find that I come away from each class reminded of, or having learned, something new. Erin’s focus on safety and ease, without compromising results has allowed me to move deeper and more confidently into my practice. Along with her skill, Erin’s kind and loving nature is a gift to her students!”-N Anderson

“Your classes have been such a welcome part of my life, especially the last one, with the beautiful poem, and music to melt into.  I’ve always been very open and comfortable in nature with both its stimulating and healing powers, and your class is a true invitation to experience a human version of chrysalis to butterfly! Thank you” -Betty Drake


“I truly enjoy taking Erin’s intimate and nurturing yoga class at her lovely home studio or in her garden in downtown Mill Valley. Erin takes particular care in knowing her individual students, their particular limitations, and assisting them with sincerity. Her yoga class is a gentle, modest flow and meditative practice. Her focus is more about the careful journey of achieving a physical and meditative healthy body, and less on progressing to difficult poses. I always feel relaxed and happy after yoga with Erin!  I would highly recommend her class to anyone wishing to improve strength and flexibility in a friendly intimate setting.”B Hazen

“I felt more confident in a large public class after taking your classes. I knew what to do and how to take care of my body.  On the difficult poses, the teacher would say “modify if you need to” but not give explicit options.  It really made me appreciate all the detail you give us!” – E.Jaffe


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